The Art of Hospitality

Engaging worship and intentional follow-up processes are important, but what compels guests to return to our church is the warmth of our welcome and hospitality that goes beyond their expectations. The Art of Hospitality sermon series will help to guide our church in the artform of creating radical hospitality that infiltrates the heart and culture of the entire church. 

Radical hospitality is at the heart of the gospel message. It goes beyond being friendly. It is intentional hospitality that surprises and delights people by making them feel noticed, giving them personal attention, and providing excellent follow through. It is hospitality that makes them feel so welcome they want to return again and again.

When we do hospitality with excellence, we create an opening for the Holy Spirit to work. We open the doorway to life change. To make guests welcome, we may have to adapt our behaviors – go out of our comfort zone – to make them feel comfortable.