making life better and YOU better at life through Jesus Christ

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Who We are

We are a church alive in the grace of God offering Christ, transforming lives, and changing our world through the power of the Holy Spirit. Our Values are the guiding principles for how we conduct our ministries. They are the underlying beliefs about what is important to us as a church. They are critical to the success of the church and support the achievement of our mission. They drive the behaviors we want to model as Christ's followers. 

Making LiFe Better & You Better at Life Through Jesus Christ

Making Life Better Through Acceptance

All People are valued and loved by God. 

Each person is a unique creation of God equally worthy of grace as exemplified through the life and death of Jesus who calls us into a life of discipleship where caring for others is a means of glorifying God. 

Making Life Better Through Worship 

Worship is our gift for honoring and magnifying God. 

A vital faith is centered on loving God through a variety of sacred expressions within the community of faith which unite our hearts with the heart of God. 

Making Life Better Through Community

A vital faith community is the unified outward expression of the body of Christ. 

The biblical church is a unified body of believers who are multigenerational and diverse, grounded in the grace of God, and exists by the power of the Holy Spirit working through the lives of people to build each other up in love.

Making Life Better Through Spiritual Growth

The journey of faith is a life-long pursuit of growing deeper in a personal relationship with Jesus. 

It is best nurtured through regular prayer, worship, Bible Study, acts of service, and participation in faith-forming relationship activities. 

Making Life Better Through Service

Followers of Jesus are mission-oriented. 

Disciples are called to lives of love and devotion to Jesus carrying on his ministry of caring for the needs of others through supportive partnerships, compassionate ministries, and nurturing relationships with people who are hurting. 

Making Life Better Through Service

People of God are stewards of all His gifts. 

We are called to keep the faith, teach His word, share His love, preserve His creation, further His kingdom, share His gifts, and serve only Him. We do this through sincere prayer, faith filled worship, generous giving, joyful service, and authentic witness.