MISSIONS & Ministries

Our church is a Life Giving Community of Faith. The absence of our church in this community would leave a giant hole. What we do here is important for us, for the community, for the Kingdom of God.  We hope you are able to be a part of the missions and ministries of this great church.  If you’re not already serving in one or more ways, maybe it's time to bring your light to the hilltop!

  • Backpack Food 4 Kids

    This ministry provides weekend meals to over 250 Mountain Home school children each week. We also have Back Pack bags of food for children who attended Wesley Kitchen, as well as pre-school children attending Kidspiration. Volunteers pack and deliver food every week during the school year. Visit our website: backpackfood4kids.org

  • Summer Feeding

    While our Back Pack Food 4 Kids program helps families during the school year, this ministry fills the 10 week gap when school is out. Each week a family receives food for fixing healthy meals for their family, as well as paper and soap products which help them stretch their food budgets. Volunteers are needed for packing and distributing food for those 10 weeks each summer.

  • Wesley Kitchen

    Every Thursday a rotating group of cooks prepares a meal for anyone in the community that needs a hot meal. Some people come because of financial need, and some for the fellowship. Wesley also makes a hot shower available for anyone who needs it. Nothing is asked in return and the message is that our church cares for them, and God loves them.

  • Feeding Peter Ministry

    Inmates in the Baxter County Jail receive from our church a meal of Hope and Comfort once a month (welcome break from the jail meals). They also receive a devotional for their spiritual growth and a reminder that God loves them, and they too are children of God.

  • Office Angels

    This ministry of service helps keep our church office running. Each week from 9 AM to 4 PM volunteers answer the phone, make copies, check emails, stuff envelopes and help people who come to the front desk. You may volunteer for a half day or whole day. The shifts are 9:00 to 12:00 and 1:00 to 4:00 (the office closes for lunch).

  • Flower Ministry

    Every week we enjoy beautiful flowers donated to adorn our worship areas. But after services are over, we want those who were not able to attend to be able to enjoy them, too, and especially to know we missed them. So each week those flowers are put into small bud vases and delivered to those in the hospital, nursing homes or who are ill at home.

  • Sunday Bus Ministry

    Many of our church members are no longer able to drive to church. Because of our Bus Ministry, they are still able to attend and be a part of our fellowship. This small thing makes a big difference in their lives. It gets them out of the house and to something they love which nourishes their spirits. Drivers are needed for all services, and a coordinator is needed to schedule the vans and drivers.

  • Landscaping

    Our beautiful facility is made all the more beautiful by volunteers who tend to our landscape. Volunteers cut the grass during the summer. Each spring and fall volunteers trim bushes, mulch flower beds, clean, and replace flowers and bushes. Join us for one of the work days and see the fruits of your labor.  

  • Altar Guild

    The Altar Guild is a group of men and women who help the church provide communion and special worship services throughout the year, like those at Easter and Christmas. Duties include setting up communion, keeping all of the worship service elements in working order and assembling Christmas Eve candles. Time requirements are small. Fun and camaraderie are big.

  • Pew Angels

    These are individuals who tidy up the main church sanctuary and/or the Contemporary Worship Center and ensure that needed materials are in the pews/chair pockets before each Sunday. 

  • Worship Volunteers

    Our church offers three worship services every Sunday, and it takes a lot of help to make this happen. Our congregants are blessed to worship each week without distractions because so many volunteers help worship to go smoothly each Sunday. If you’d like to help with Greeting, Ushering, Serving Communion, Working with the Audio or Video, reading scripture or offering prayers, there is a place for you.

  • Prayer Shawl Ministry

    Prayer Shawls are either knitted or crocheted by individuals and then each one is blessed at our church’s altar. These are then distributed to those who are suffering major illnesses or loss, including those in the care of Hospice of the Ozarks. Patriotic shawls or quilts are done for veterans, and every shawl has a certificate that reminds the recipient of our prayers and God’s love.

  • Andrew Ministry (Muggers)

    Sharing the Loving Light of Christ with Guests and New Members

    In the Gospel of John, Andrew is portrayed as a disciple of John the Baptist who, upon seeing Jesus, decides to follow him.  Andrew then goes and finds his brother, Simon Peter, and says to him, “We have found the Messiah.”  Then he leads Simon Peter to Jesus.  

    In the spirit of the Apostle Andrew, this ministry helps guests and new members feel welcome while they are here, so that they might experience the love and grace of God as we worship, learn, and serve together.  Andrew Ministers help guests find their way around our building on Sunday mornings, and connect guests and new members with opportunities for spiritual growth, service, care, and community.  They follow up with new visitors by taking a church mug and church information to their home. So, If you have the gift of hospitality and want to share the Loving Light of Christ with others, this might be the ministry for you.

  • United Methodist Women

    The UMW is an organization of women mobilized for mission. They turn their faith, hope and love into action on behalf of women, children and youth around the world. Join a circle and enjoy fellowship, education of world issues such as human trafficking, immigration and domestic violence, and contribute to making a difference in the world.  For more information click here.

  • Hope For All

    A vision for the homeless


  • Landscaping Ministry

    Our beautiful facility is made all the more beautiful by volunteers who tend to our landscape. Volunteers cut the grass during the summer. Each spring and fall volunteers trim bushes, mulch flower beds, clean, and replace flowers and bushes. Join us for one of the work days and see the fruits of your labor.

  • Coffee Bar

    This is a Sunday morning ministry that prepares the coffee and goodies and welcomes those who enter through the UMAC (United Methodist Activities Center) doors as they arrive for church.

  • Mailing Team

    Once a month this team gathers on a Tuesday morning to prepare the Messenger Newsletter for mailing. This consists of folding, labeling, counting, and sorting. Also, for special mailings, the team may stuff, seal and label envelopes to prepare for mailing.