Adut Sunday school Classes

  • Common Grounds

    Common Grounds Room 201 Our class is geared towards young to middle-aged adults who are single or married (many of whom have children still living at home). We use interactive curriculum that includes a gourmet blend of Scripture, inspiration, and insight. Lessons are week to week so that anyone can easily participate in each Sunday’s discussion. Join us as we explore what the Bible says about the issues we face every day in an environment specially brewed to foster Christian fellowship as we grow spiritually with one another.

  • FaithQuest

    FaithQuest Room 306 (in the UMAC) Are you looking to take the next step in your journey of faith? Join us as we navigate the Bible and learn it's message and meaning as we discuss it's relevence in our own journey of faith. This class is made up of young to middle aged adults who desire to enrich their faith through Bible study and class discussion. Our vision involves doing more than just believing in Jesus Christ; we strive rather to receive Him in such a way that we may achieve great things through Him.  This class usually breaks for the summer.

  • The Gathering

    The Gathering Room 205 We are an easy going group of singles and couples middle aged and above. Our topics of study are chosen together as a class. There is a lot of discussion that goes on. We may get off track now and then, but it always results in a learning experience. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry, and we are always blessed. The class is led by Mike DeMass.

  • Pairs & Spares

    Pairs & Spares Room 204 This is a Bible study styled class. Lessons are scripture based and discussion and participation is encouraged. The class is led by Dr. Paul Wilbur who is a great facilitator and very knowledgeable in the bible. This diverse group is made up of mature adults - couples and singles. The young at heart of all ages are welcome!

  • Saints & Sinners

    Saints & Sinners Room 209 This class is typically made up of middle-aged to older adults from diverse backgrounds and and caring attitudes. The average age is 50 & up. A presentation style Bible Study that encourages participation and emphasizes on spiritual direction and living standards. The class is led by Rev. Jarrell Tyson.

  • Seekers

    Seekers Room 213 This class is made up of retirement aged adults. It is a friendly welcoming group who are seeking, as the name implies, to learn all they can from the lessons in the International Bible Series titled “Adult Bible Studies”. Bill Pearson, a retired college professor, leads this class. Class participation is encouraged.